Getting around after an operation may be difficult for some patients. We offer non-skilled post procedure assistance such as feeding to assist you or your loved one on the road to recovery.  In addition, we also offer housekeeping services to meet the needs of seniors and disabled patients with limited mobility. Let us take care of the chores while you or your loved one focus on getting better. 

Whether you are our client or a concerned family member, one of the biggest advantages of homemaker assistance for the senior in your life is keeping the home sanitary. As stretching and bending becomes more difficult, it is easy to put off tasks like wiping the counters or sanitizing the microwave.

A sanitary home impacts health and affects happiness. No matter your age, having a clean house impacts your decision to open your home to guests. Let us handle the job of making your home safe and clean. 


Benefits of Home Maker Assistance:

  • Clean and sanitary living environment
  • More organized
  • Allows your loved one to focus on recovery instead of chores
  • Provides access to fresh meals